Cat runs are clean and spaciousEvidence of current immunisation is required before admission. Minimum vaccination level required is F3. Cats must be secured by enclosure in a proper cat carry cage.

Cats are boarded in purpose designed double cages. Except at peak periods, each cat has a double cage to itself. At peak periods the cages are divided into two to meet the demand for space, but single space is still generous even for long-term boarders. Cats are always boarded in their own space. Berridale Pets Holiday Lodge do not operate a “communal cat boarding” facility, or permit cats to share accommodation, even when they come from the one family.

Cats enjoy personal attention and cuddles Cats are not exercised out of cage. Cats which may get out of their cages during feeding or cleaning cannot escape because a security door blocks escape from the cattery. In all the years Berridale Pets Holiday Lodge has operated, no cat has escaped from care or contracted an infection from another cat

Veterinary attention is available at all times owing to the friendly cooperation of all the local veterinary practices.

Berridale Pets Holiday Lodge

"Wallaumarra"  Dalgety Road
Berridale, NSW 2628 Australia
Telephone: 02 6456 3522

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